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Player points are based off of
100 x # of players = (TTP)

TTP is then multiplied by
percentage based on how
a player finishes.

% is multiplied by 
Total Tournament Points (TTP)

1st--- 25%
3rd--- 16%
4th--- 13%
5th--- 11%
6th--- 10%
7th---   8%
8th---   6%
9th---   5.5%
10th--- 5%
11th--- 4.5%
12th--- 3.5%
13th--- 3%
14th--- 2.5%
15th--- 1.5%
16th--- 1%

Ex: If 25 people play in
a tournament

Then the total tournament
points are
100 x 25 = 2500
(TTP) = 2500

2nd place is worth 20%

To find points for
2nd place, we take
2500 x 20% = 500 POINTS

2nd Place would receive
a total of 500 POINTS for
playing in a tournament
of 25 people


Monthly and Lifetime Leaderboard

Player Points
July 1st - Dec 31st 2019

Player Level Up Program

Bronze - 0-4999 points in a qualifying period

Silver - 5000-9999 points in a qualifying period

Gold - 10,000-24999 points in a qualifying period

Black Diamond - 25,000+ points in a qualifying period

~ Bronze players receive an extra 1000 in chips each tournament.
~ Silver players receive an extra 2000 in chips each tournament.
~ Gold players receive an extra 4000 in chips each tournament.
~ Black Diamond players receive an extra 6000 in chips each tournament.

****In order to maintain your current player level, a player must meet 75% of the level up points the following qualifying period in order to stay that level.
Example: Black Diamond qualifiers from January 2018-June 2018 must have 18,750 points from July 2018-December 2018 to maintain their Black Diamond status.****